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Kelly is one of only three Titleist Performance Institute Certified Golf Professionals in the Richmond area.


The Titleist Performance Institute's TPI Certification program is an evidence based, educational pathway designed to teach industry professionals how to increase player performance through a deep understanding of how the body functions during the golf swing.  This concept is called the Body-Swing Connection™.  Through the use of the 12 biomechanical screens learned in the program, the TPI professional will have an idea of what to expect in the swing based on the restrictions or limitations of the student's movements.  

Want to see it in Action??  CLICK HERE  to see MY progress through a TPI based workout program aimed at adding clubhead speed to my driver.

The Body-Swing connection can be applied in two ways from the perspective of the golf professional.  First, by understanding the limitations of a student's motion, the professional can tailor his instruction to allow for these limitations, thus avoiding the frustrating process of trying to have a student execute a swing they are physically incapable of doing.  Second, it also allows the professional to refer a student to a qualified fitness or medical partner and give them a good idea of what is needed.   Still not convinced?  Check out these statistics:


*17 of the last 20 Major Championships were won by players advised by a TPI Certified Expert

*26 of the Top 30 Players in the World are advised by a TPI Certified Expert


Ready to Get Screened??  CLICK HERE!


For more information on the Body Swing Connection and TPI's philosophy, click below.

The KMgolf Fitness Plan:


Designed by Kyle Adams of Adams Performance, the plan was meant to add some weight and mass to my body, resulting in more clubhead speed and greater distance.  As Kyle is TPI certified as well, we started with a screen to identify what areas of my mobility and stability needed attention.  Kyle designed the program to be completed using both his facility, for the heavy lifting days, and the simple equipment I had in my basement, to better fit in my schedule.  We incorporated a variety of movements, with a focus on single leg exercises to improve my balance. 


The Details:

Warm up:

Completed prior to the workout

1/2 Kneel Windmills - 10 per side

Wall Rotate and Holds - 5 per side/5 second hold

Skater Squats - 10 per side

Squat and Rotate - 5 per side

Working Sets:

All pairs of exercises were done in supersets

Banded Broadjump - 4 sets/2 reps

Trap Bar Deadlift - 4 sets/5 reps

"T" Pushups - 3 sets/5 per side

DB Single Arm Chest Supported Rows - 3 sets/8 per side

Kettlebell Reverse to Lateral Lunges - 3 sets/4 per side

Swiss Ball Front Planks - 3 sets/max time hold

Medicine Ball High to Low Slams (twisting) - 4 sets/3 per side

This was my heavy day and completed at Kyle's facility.  The variety of movements kept it fun and different and had good balance in the muscles worked.