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What is the Indoor Learning Center?


Powered by the Foresight Sports GC Quad Launch Monitor, the ILC offers a single hitting station which can be used for instruction, practice, playing golf or contests.  Players hit into a 14' x 9' screen with a projected image of the range or golf course.  Every swing produces a tracer which shows you the flight of the ball (YES, just like the pros on TV) whether you are on the range or course.  The Quad features 4 high speed cameras, two of which photograph the ball as it launches and two of which photograph the club head.  What does this mean?


  The ball data is used for the simulated flight on the "fun" part of the system.  It shows you shot shape, carry distance, total distance and other data on the shot, which the FSX Simulation software uses to create the tracer and your landing position on the course.  The playing experience is very realistic due to the fact the ball doesn't need to contact the screen.  All of the data is captured in the first 12 inches.  Have a two yard chip, simply hit the ball two yards and you will see it land and roll just like on the real course.    


The club head data provides Kelly with valuable information about your swing which many times cannot be seen with the naked eye.  Club path, face angle to that path, angle of attack and dynamic loft and lie all help diagnose what may be producing your bad shots.  By correctly diagnosing the issue, the correct fix can then be applied to get you back on track and having fun again.  To top it all, the Quad is portable and can be used to collect and display data outside on the range!  I could go on an on, but the best way to understand the system is to come experience it!  Book your practice or playing time HERE!  

Follow this link to the Foresight Sports Website for a quick demo.  

It will give you a quick overview of the FSX Simulation Software and a course library.  


Golf Courses available for Play:

Pebble Beach Golf Links - Monterey, CA

Oakmont Country Club - Oakmont, PA

Carnoustie Golf LInks - Carnoustie, Scotland

Linfield National - LInfield, PA

Teton Pines - Jackson Hole, WY

Willow Crest Golf Club - Chicago, IL

Clicking on any course in the library will give you a view of the scorecard and a virtual hole flyover

Check out below for a few pictures of the construction and completed room!