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Top 50 Growth of the Game Professional for a SECOND TIME

by the Golf Range Association of America

GOLF - it’s a short and simple word that represents a game that is so much more.  But what should we as golfers expect from a game created long ago, with clubs of hickory and steel, balls filled with feathers, grounds maintained by sheep and the length of which was based on the number of shots in a bottle of Scotch Whisky!  

Thankfully for us, the GAME of Golf has evolved over the years.  With today's technology and available information, the recreational golfer has the ability to improve and play at their best level easier than ever before.  But golf is so much more to many people.  It is a business opportunity.  It is a chance to spend time with your family.  It is a chance to spend time with your friends.  It is a form of exercise.  It is an opportunity to see some of the most beautiful places on the earth.  It is changing every day.  It is a game you can play for a lifetime.  It is challenging, rewarding and frustrating all at once!  But, above all else, it is a GAME, and games are meant to be FUN.

If you are not having FUN playing this game, PLEASE call me today and set up some time for us to get together.  We will start by talking about your experiences and setting YOUR goals for the game.  We will identify the changes needed,  the practice, drills  and tools which will produce those changes and then implement our plan together.  Through it all, I promise to keep it simple and FUN.  


For all of the options available, from individual or group lessons to supervised practice to on course instruction and themed clinics, follow the link below to the instruction page.



KMgolf instruction offers a total body approach to improving your golf game.  As a Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) certified instructor, Kelly will look beyond your swing mechanics to your physical ability and range of motion.  Instruction is offered in the form of individual lessons, group lessons, demonstration and participation clinics, on course playing lessons and supervised practice.  Click below for a complete list of services and more on Kelly's philosophy.



KMgolf corporate offers solutions for your business needs.  Looking for a creative team building exercise?  KMgolf can design an instruction or game based exercise which can be held on site or at Independence Golf Club.  

Looking for golf related items with YOUR corporate logo?  Contact Kelly for items from all the major golf manufacturers.  Balls, Hats or shirts are just a few examples.


KMgolf relies on a variety of partners to be able to deliver the goods and services available to you.  Click below for a complete list of my partners and links to their websites.  


If you would like to become a partner, please use the Contact tab in the navigation bar and let me know.






* I do not answer my phone on the lesson tee.  Please leave a message or send me a text.  I will respond at my earliest convenience.