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At Independence Golf Club

Our main emphasis is to help individuals develop and improve their game through instruction and education. 

Swing analysis is a key component of any improvement plan, but we cover more than that—course management, rules and etiquette, equipment evaluations, body movement analysis and swing speed training are all part of our program at KMgolf. We offer competitions, clinics and events—where fun is the focus and golf is the avenue to get there. 

Kelly M. Hall


Kelly Hall is a Class “A” PGA Professional at Independence Golf Club in Midlothian, Virginia. During his career, Kelly has worked at public, resort and private facilities, giving him a wealth of experience and knowledge. He brings the best of those experiences to Independence along with fresh ideas for where the game is going in the future.

As a kid, Kelly would play in the yard on homemade "greens" with only a 9 iron, his first job was at the local public course in the bag room cleaning clubs and carts and if it weren’t for John Kulhamer, Kelly’s first boss, he would not be a pro today. Fast forward over 30 years and you can now see the culmination of love of the game, a desire to help others and a wealth of experience. With 25+ years of teaching, Kelly knows how people learn and utilizes the latest technology to assure you achieve your goals. Kelly stays current with today's industry by offering video analysis, non-traditional learning environments and on-course evaluations.


Kelly Hall gets recognized

The Golf Range Association of America recognizes Kelly Hall as one of the Top 50 Growth of the Game Teaching Professionals.

"Kelly has a knack of understanding the individual and optimizes his method of instruction for what works best in that situation.  He is very patient and couldn't be friendlier."

Aaron Parks


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